The Annexe Project


The Bantoft Vestry, located on the Bucklesham Road side of the church, was a later addition to main church building, providing toilet facilities and a large meeting room.

It has a lower floor level than the church, making access difficult for those with limited mobility, and there are no accessible toilet facilities. Being a flat roof building has meant that there are often issues with water leaking through the ceiling and the space provided is no longer big enough for the many groups that make use of the facilities.

It was decided that it needed to be replaced in order to provide a larger space, with level access to the church, and improved facilities.

The Design

The design increases the number of toilets, with 4 ladies’ toilets, 3 urinals and one WC for male use, both male and female WC’s including baby changing facilities. A large separate accessible toilet including adult disabled changing facilities is also provided. Access between the Church and Bantoft will be level, with automatic doors, making it easily accessible for less mobile people. The kitchen space will be expanded and provision has been made for a separate storage room for chairs and equipment, to keep the main space uncluttered. Overall the proposal increases the floor space from just under 120m² to around 213m².


  • Raised So Far
  • To Raise

The current cost of the project is £760,030 including all fees and contingency. The PCC made the decision that they would proceed with the build once 80% of the funding was secured. This was achieved early in 2017 and an interest-free loan of £150,000 has been offered by a member of the church to cover the remaining 20% and allow the building to begin.

It is the hoped that funding for the entire project will be secured by the time the building is completed in September 2017.

The remaining amount that we have to raise is £90,000*

* Correct as of 27th March 2017

The project has been financed by:

  • The sale of Hippo House, a house previous used to house curates within the parish
  • Donations from members of the Church and local community
  • Grants

If you would like to contribute financially we would be incredibly grateful.

More information on ways to give are available here or contact the Parish Office.

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