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The Lantern Room – One Year On

It’s amazing to think that it’s now a year since our new Annexe, the Lantern Room, was completed.   The old Bantoft Vestry – cold, gloomy and unwelcoming, particularly to those with mobility and hearing difficulties – is now a distant memory. The Lantern Room is the complete opposite – warm, bright and accessible – with […]

by Sam • 7th March 2019
Annexe Update News

The Lantern Room

Our new Lantern Room was officially opened with an all-day event on Sunday 29th April. The name was chosen not only to reflect its striking lantern roof but because, like the lighted cross on the church tower, the name proclaims that Jesus is the Light of the World and the church shines His light into […]

by Tim • 9th May 2018
Annexe Update

Nearly watertight

Work on the build has been quietly progressing. The roof has now been fiberglassed and should be watertight and the roof lantern has been installed. As you can see from the photographs, it’s really taking shape!

by Tim • 14th November 2017
Annexe Update

Work restarted :-)

If you are a regular visitor to our website news, especially our Annex Project page, you will have noticed a long delay in an update on the building. We have encountered some major complications and it has taken us a while to get things resolved. But now we are pleased to say that the problems have […]

by Tim • 19th September 2017
Annexe Update

Steelwork arrives on site

For the past month or so it’s felt like not much has happened on site and that’s because we’ve been waiting for the steework to be fabricated and be delivered to site. Today the steelwork arrived!!! Over the next few days the structure of the building will quickly take shape, as the steelwork is constructed using the crane […]

by Tim • 26th June 2017
Annexe Update

Nearly out of the ground

Work on the Annexe continues to progress and the groundworks are nearly complete, with the foundations laid and drainage installed. As most of these have taken place underground, it can appear that not much has happened. However these are vital stages and are often times when unforeseen problems are encountered, causing delay and extra cost. Thankfully there […]

by Tim • 19th May 2017
Annexe Update

Concrete Pouring Begins

Today the foundation concrete has been poured for the main hall area and the new kitchen block.  The foundations for the new entrance and toilet facilities is still to be done, but the steel reinforcing bars are to be positioned before that section of the foundations can be poured.  It is good to know that […]

by Tim • 11th April 2017
Annexe Update

Digging the foundations

Digging out for the foundation pads is well underway.  A small basement room was uncovered during the excavations, the room must have been bricked up when the Bantoft Vestry was originally built.  It was empty, sadly no forgotten treasure was discovered.  Steel reinforcing bars and profiles will be installed soon with the aim of pouring […]

by Tim • 5th April 2017
Annexe Update

Grant awarded by St Lawrence Parish Hall Trust

We are delighted to announce that we have been given a grant of £10,000 by the St Lawrence Parish Hall Trust towards the Annexe Project.

by Tim • 27th March 2017
Annexe Update

Demolition has begun…

The demolition of the Bantoft Vestry has well and truly started.

by Tim • 21st March 2017

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