Unifying the church in worship

From 3 February 2019. we are making some changes to how we run our Sunday morning worship in order to break down barriers between our adult, children and youth services.

For the past 16 years, we have been running separate children’s worship services in the Church Hall and, more recently a separate Youth programme in the Vicarage.  Last year, we changed our 3rd Sunday pattern so that the main service started at 10.30am every week.

From now on, we will all start together in the Church for the Ten Thirty Service, making our start time simple and consistent for everyone whatever week it is.  After spending the first part of the service together, we’ll head to age appropriate learning opportunities to study the same theme or passage. There will be groups for:

  • Age 0-5 in the Lantern room with parents and carers
  • Age 5-7 (KS1) and 7-11 (KS2) in the church hall
  • Age 11-14 (KS3) and 14-18 (KS4+) in the vicarage

We will all join together to share Communion.

We will continue with the first Sunday of every month being an all-age friendly service with parade services at least six times per year. The streamed programme will generally run all other Sundays.

NB There is no change to our 8am Holy Communion service each week or to the Evening Service pattern.

Download leaflet for more information