Signing Group

At the beginning of 2019 we started a signing group as part of our efforts to become a more inclusive church.  We meet monthly to learn to sign worship songs and liturgy in British Sign Language (BSL) and to practise basic conversation.  We are assisted by Revd Penny Brinkley who is the Chaplain to the Deaf in the Diocese.

We occasionally perform as a signing choir in church services, but often just sign from where we are in the pews.  We welcome new members at any time and there is no obligation to perform at the front.  Our aim is simply that more people would be inspired to learn some BSL and have a go.

We usually meet on the first Saturday of each month from 10am-12.30pm in the Lantern Room.  There is no charge but donations are welcome.  Contact for more information.

Meeting dates for 2020:

4th January, 8th February (NB 2nd Saturday), 7th March, 4th April, 2nd May, 6th June, 4th July, 1st August (tbc), 5th September, 3rd October, 7th November, 5th December.

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