Telling people about Jesus and helping to evangelise the nation is one of the key visions of St. Augustine's. Listen as Rev. Ian Daniels walks us through this first statement of telling people about Jesus!
Archdeacon Rev. Rhiannon King stopped by St. Augustine's to chat to us about church planting, a hot topic at St. Augustine's as we plant 2 new churches in the next couple of years!
Rev. Amy Key leads us on this weeks talk and is exploring the theology of church planting, a hot topic at St. Augustine's as we plant 2 new churches in the next couple of years!
Rev. Ian Daniels leads us on this weeks talk, which is all part of our Frontline Sunday series. This week he explores how when we gather together we build one another up, to have a continued impact on our frontlines. 

Whoever We Are

2nd February 2020
We are first and foremost sons and daughters of God. Our life on the frontline flows from this identity. This is liberating and is the theme behind this weeks Frontline Sunday service, led this week by Ann Boxall.
The ‘work of our hands’ matters to God. It’s part of our worship, how we serve others, and bear witness to God. Listen as Rev. Amy Key explores this theme in our Frontline Sunday series.
Continuing in our series of Frontline talks on our own faith, Matt Key explores how we can find God in our place... what does that mean? Take a listen and find out!
What is our Christian frontline? Take a listen to Rev Ian Daniels as he launches a brand new series of Sunday talks about how we can talk about and share our faith.
We were incredibly fortunate to have Diocesan Director of Ordinands and New Ministries, The Revd Canon Tim Jones from the Suffolk Diocese, come and talk a little about his role across the county, as well as his brilliant way of walking us through the verses in Matthew 2: 1-12 - The Magi From The East.

Follow The Star

29th December 2019
This service was led by Gavin Stone and the ministry team at St. Augustine's, who this week were exploring the theme set for Christmas by Archbishop Justin Welby, 'Follow The Star' and how we see God in the world today.
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