WHO CARES? is a nationwide initiative where churches are working together to listen to the needs of local people and offer compassion and hope. We don’t claim to have all the answers but we represent a community who care and want to listen and respond to the issues that people are facing.

WHO CARES? is launching across Suffolk in September and location churches, including St Augustine’s, will spend time listening to their local community by conducting a simple one question survey. We’re asking local people ‘What hurts you the most?’ or put another way ‘What is the one thing in life you find hardest to handle?’.

If you attend a group connected to St. Augustine’s church or attend a church service you may be given a survey card for you to write your response one. All responses collected will remain anonymous. Your answer matters to us and will help to shape the way we seek to care for the community around us.

St Augustine’s will take some time to respond to the issues that are shared with us and we will respond in a whole range of ways. The response will happen around Easter 2018.

For more information and to find stories of people who found hope when life hurt the most go to www.who-cares.org.uk.